All You Need To Know About Natural Pregnancy

by Deborupa on July 10, 2023 , 5 min read

Oftentimes the concern for couples wanting to get pregnant becomes, “What if we can’t get pregnant?” If you are one among these couples, you might benefit from trying the more natural methods of conception before considering more invasive approaches. 


It is important to understand what stands in the way of a natural pregnancy before you opt for more complex procedures like IVF or IUI.



What Do We Mean By Natural Pregnancy?


When it comes to getting pregnant naturally, the key factor to consider is parental health. Being physically, emotionally and mentally healthy before pregnancy can have a more dominant effect on your baby’s health than you might think. After all, healthy parents are more likely to make healthy babies.


You may wonder what we mean when we say ‘healthy’ parents? The health of a partner refers to their overall well-being and the well-being of their reproductive system. The two are often interrelated and often end up in a cause-effect relationship. 

However, your prime concern should be to ensure the normal structure and function of the reproductive organs in association with the emotional and mental compatibility of the individuals planning for a baby.



Our programs involve natural and non-invasive methods of treatment to help you achieve as natural a pregnancy as possible. Your program may include lifestyle modifications as well as nutraceuticals to improve your chances of a natural conception.


Factors That Affect Fertility


First and foremost, age can be a prime variable that requires attention when we talk about a natural conception. Trying for a baby when you and your partner are not in the right biological age range can hugely impact your pre-, intra- and post-pregnancy experiences, as well as the health of your child. 

Next, the lifestyle choices you make can be an equally important factor. Some day-to-day lifestyle changes might produce a  more favourable outcome for a couple. A few easy ways to improve your fertility is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy and nutritious diet, regular exercise, and avoiding nicotine, alcohol and drugs.

Menstrual health of the individual also influences a naturally fertile environment. Not all menstrual problems affect pregnancy. However, dysmenorrhea including common health issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Disease (PCOD/PCOS), uterine fibroid and endometriosis are likely to affect pregnancy.

Additionally, mental health related concerns such as stress, anxiety, hypertension and depression can create a hostile environment for conception. Your reproductive system and its organs cannot function properly if your body’s stress levels are out of whack.

Last but not least, certain chronic lifestyle disorders might come in the way of conceiving. Conditions like thyroid, diabetes and hypertension would require attention in order to achieve a natural pregnancy.


Find out if you’re the right fit!


Our programs offer a more natural, and safe way to conceive for couples who have minor conditions and fertility concerns. It is highly recommended unless you have an underlying health condition or more complex fertility issues. Based on your fertility reports one can assess your chances of a natural conception. Janani’s programs are the first choice if you have a good chance of natural conception with the aid of simple lifestyle alterations and supplements.


Who are our experts? 


We have medical experts, of course! Specialists like obstetrician-gynaecologists and andrologists help you understand your fertility issues and how to fix them.


Our counsellors will be your best friend! They help you stay in a positive and stress-free state of mind so as to improve your mental health and hormonal balance.

Certified dietitians guide you in consuming the right foods to boost your fertility and make a natural pregnancy more viable. 

Yoga has been proven to help with fertility. Our yoga practitioners are trained in prenatal yoga and can help you relax and prepare your body for pregnancy. 



We have proprietary nutraceuticals that are supplements that contain naturally derived vitamins and micro-nutrients to improve your fertility. These have been developed by medical experts and doctors to ensure safety and efficacy.


You will be assigned a dedicated wellness buddy to help you with anything you may need throughout the program. 


How the journey goes


To help you understand the journey better, let us walk you through each step of the process:


Fertility Testing


The first step is understanding your fertility. The basic fertility profiles of both partners are evaluated, which includes simple at-home semen and blood tests. The couple is tested for underlying issues or diseases that may impact a natural pregnancy. 


Doctor Consultation


Video consultations with medical experts and specialists help you interpret your reports and choose a personalised plan accordingly.



Personalised plan


Your fertility window is calculated to understand when you are at your most fertile. In addition, nutraceuticals are suggested in order to improve your fertility. Sessions with fertility advocates, counsellors, yoga practitioners and dieticians may also be suggested for holistic wellness.


Progress and Pregnancy


Your progress is tracked every month to confirm if you have tested positive in your end-of-the-cycle pregnancy test.



Successful Pregnancy


Once positive, a team of fertility advocates and doctors guides you on the steps to be followed for a successful and safe pregnancy and care thereafter.


Why you should opt for our programs


While IUI and IVF procedures may be the best option for some, you must first explore and exhaust all other natural and safe options. 


If you think you need to break the bank to get pregnant, Janani is here to change your mind.  Accessibility and affordability are high on our list of priorities. Reasonably priced packages can offer you a smooth-sailing pregnancy experience without added stress or hidden costs.


If you are planning to start a family and want to try safe, natural and affordable options to help you with it, you might have met your perfect match!


For more information visit our website.


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by Deborupa on July 10, 2023 , 5 min read

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