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the human body is an amazing creation of the nature and it knows how to balance itself when it is given the right ingredients.kindly's supplements are created with nature and science in mind by using organic and sustainable ingredients just cater the demands of your body to fix it's problems.

all our plant based ingredients are completely organic, procured from their natural and clean habitat. our skilled scientists ensure that our formulations meet your body's needs to provide the most beneficial nourishment.




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potency wood (muira puama)

improves sex drive and performance

Vitamin D3


Melatonin reduces mitochondrial DNA damage.

L argine

L-arginine improves sperm production and assists sperm development.

catuaba bark

boosts sexual desire and arousal


Vitamin B12

It improves nerve damage in order to achieve or maintain an erection

L Leucine

L-Leucine is an antioxidant that reduces DNA damage.

Folic acid

siberian ginseng

potent aphrodisiac, stimulates testicles

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh reduces mood swings and promotes female health by mimicking estrogen.

calcium carbonate

reduces inflammatory stress

acetyl carnitine

promotes nerve repair & regeneration of new nerves

Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin E

Raises testosterone levels improving penile function, stamina, and libido.

Vitamin C

Dapoxetine 30mg


Selenium promotes healthy follicle formation.

Beta carotene

Beta Carotene is a powerful antioxidant.


improves sexual desire, pleasure & performance

B 12

B 12 improves nerve damage in order to achieve or maintain an erection




It expands penile blood vessels to improve quality and longevity of erections.

N acetyl cysteine

N-Acetyl Cysteine regulates ovulation and improve follicle quality.

N acetyl L cysteine

Methyl Tetrahydrofolate 5 MTHF or L methyl folate

Methyltetrahydrofolate or 5 MTHF prevents NTD (Neural Tube Defects) and foetus malformation.


reduces risk of Neural tube defects in foetus

White's ginger (mondia whitei)

vital for satisfying ejaculation process


Ashwagandha boosts mental and general health.


enables better sperm movement

Muira Puama Ptychopetalum Olacoides (Root)

Muira Puama (Root) is considered the Viagra of the Amazon""

L carnitine L tartarate

L-carnitine L-tartrate improves sperm concentration.

Zinc sulphate

vitamin B12

enhances fertility & chances of natural conception

Benzocaine 7%


Methylcobalamin reduces the chances of recurrent miscarriages.

Tadalafil 5mg

N acetyl L carnitine

N-acetyl L-carnitine limits peroxidase damage.

myo inositol,d-chiro inositol & n-acetyl cysteine (nac)

work together to improve insulin sensitivity & regulate ovulation

Safed Musli

Safed Musli helps build immunity and promotes sexual wellness.

Fenugreek Extract

Improves sexual arousal and orgasms.

fenugreek extract

increase sexual arousal & orgasm intensity

Korean Red Ginseng

It relaxes muscles and improves blood flow to the genitals


Myo Inositol regulates ovulation and improve follicle quality.

Ginger root extract, 5% gingerols

It prevents penile muscle degradation


helps to protest against cell damage & infections


Resveratrol improves ovarian function and lowers free radical damage.

PDE5 Inhibitor

gives instant erections when sexually stimulated

D chloro Inositol

D-Chiro Inositol regulates ovulation and improve follicle quality.


powerful anti-oxidant

beta carotene

helps to maintain a strong immune system

vitamin B9 (folic acid)

improves foetal health & prevents neural tube defects

Red Maca

Red Maca has high levels of iron and iodine which help boost metabolism, improve energy and increase stamina.

vitamin E

increase testosterone level, stamina & libido

Catuaba bark

Boosts sexual desire and arousal.

folic acid vitamin B9

alleviates the symptoms & infertility in women with pcos

l carnitine

increases sperm count


Pyridoxine improves the uterine lining.


conenzyme q10

has antioxidant properties that prevent sperm damage

zinc sulphate (ZnSO4)

promotes testosterone level and semen health

ginkgo biloba

increase blood flow which results in stronger erection

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba facilitates blood flow.

Muira Puama (Root)

Called as the Viagra of the Amazon""

Calcium carbonate

Calcium Carbonate reduces inflammatory stress.

Acetyl carnitine

Mondia whitei

Helps enhance libido and sexual pleasure.

conenzyme q10

it helps to convert food into energy


balances hormones & improves embryo health


Shatavari enhances immunity and general well-being.


Kindly Health gives end-to-end solutions for sexual and reproductive health for men. We offer home-based diagnostic services for sperm analysis, erectile dysfunction, and much more.


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