1.               Test results released pertain to the specimen received and are dependent on the quality of specimen.


2.               For the test performed on specimens received or collected from different locations, it is presumed that the specimen belongs to the patient named or identified as labeled on the container/test request form and such verification has been carried out at the point generation of the said specimen.


3.               A test might not be performed due to following reason:


               Specimen quantity not sufficient (inadequate collection/spillage during transit);


               Specimen quality not acceptable due to i ncorrect semen collection technique ;


               Specimen quality not acceptable as the test was not performed in accordance with the test kit instructions;


               Test cancelled either on request of patient or doctor.


           In any of the above cases a fresh specimen will be required for testing and reporting.


4.               The results of the tests may vary from lab to lab; time to time for the same patient.


5.               The reported results are dependent on individual assay methods, equipment, method sensitivity, specificity and quality of the specimen received.


6.               The reporting results are for the information of the referring doctor and should be correlated to clinical diagnosis.


7.               Partial representation of the report is not allowed.


8.                This report is not valid for medico legal purpose.


9.               Report delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Inconvenience is regretted.


10.           Applicable Jurisdiction will be in Bangalore, Karnataka, for any dispute/claim concerning the test(s) & results of the test(s).


11.           The results detailed in this report relate to a semen analysis performed on a sample produced on the date stated above and are not necessarily indicative of any subsequent sample produced or proof of fertility.




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