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I found this test to be very convenient and quick. the package was very secure and I didn't feel judged while giving the test.



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60% lesser sperms are produced by you than your grandfather did at your age. the average sperm concentration has fallen from 101.2 million/ML to 49 million/ML in 5 decades

ways to improve male potency and fertility

to improve the health of swimmers of your semen, our super specialist doctors would first assess the physical and physiological backgrounds through a convenient test.
boost the chances of your fertility with our Asia’s first at home sperm health test and treatments.

early clues of infertility

pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area, causing difficulty in ejaculation
thinning of facial & body hairs, deteriorating muscles are the signs of low testosterone
developing ED, PE and / or Low libido

factors limiting your fertility

low testosterone:

known as hypogonadism, can lead to infertility due to reduced sperm production

being exposed to toxins:

being prone to certain chemicals or highly polluted environment weakens sperm

inappropriate clothing:

tight or thick clothing may raise the temperature of the testicles, damaging sperm health

mental stress:

increases cortisol hormone, that in turn damages the sperm’s DNA

genetic condition:

inherited genetic abnormalities, can affect the functioning of the reproductive organs
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sperm-tacular facts

did you know that these facts affect the swimmers of your semen?


sperm volume, also known as semen volume, refers to the amount of semen that is expelled during ejaculation. on average, a healthy semen volume is around 2-5 milliliters (mL). a volume of less than 1.5 mL is considered low and is known as oligospermia. high sperm volume, also known as polyspermia, is generally considered to be above 5 mL.


sperm motility is the ability of sperm to move in a forward direction. according to world health organization (WHO) guidelines, normal sperm motility is defined as at least 32% of sperm being able to move forward in a straight line. in a sample of 20 million sperm, this would mean at least 6.4 million sperm are motile. however, for optimal fertility, a minimum of 40% motile sperm is recommended.


sperm morphology is the shape and size of sperm. normal sperm morphology is defined as at least 4% of sperm being of normal shape. in a sample of 20 million sperm, this would mean at least 800,000 sperm are of normal shape. however, for optimal fertility, a minimum of 15% normal sperm morphology is recommended. poor sperm morphology is not always a direct indication of infertility, as many men with normal sperm morphology can also experience infertility.
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test - talk - treat

3 simple steps to upgrade your sex life



eliminate the need for uncomfortable visits to lab and improve your sperm health by using Asia's first at-home diagnostic tests



privately consult and discuss with our team of highly skilled medical experts to get accurate and professional support



implement a personalised strategy to enhance sperm quality and boost the sperm count for #sexualwellnessandbeyond

meet our 'sex'perts

constantly striving to improve your reproductive health with medical care and friendly approach

Dr. S.S Vasan

prime Specialist for andrology | 40+ years

MBBS, DNB (Surgery), DNB (Urology), FICS

Dr. Poonguzhali Liston

Gynaecologist and Reproductive Medicine | 12+ years

OB/Gynecologist and Reproductive Medicine MS OB/GY...

Dr. Caranj Venugopal

Consultant Urologist | 14+ years

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch. (Urology)

Dr. Roshan

Consultant Physician | 2+ years


Dr. Rinkal Shah

Consultant Physician | 3+ years


Dr. Mayank Jain

Consultant Urologist | 20+ years

DrNB in Urology and kidney transplant, M.S. (Gener...

Dr. Pranay Gandhi

Consultant Sexologist | 15+ years

MD community medicine, MBBS, Fellowship in diabete...

in-person gratitudes by our happy customers

my partner and I wanted to have a natural pregnancy but the doctor suggested that my sperms needed extra nutrition. I was prescribed suppliments from Kindly and it boosted my sperm health and my sexual experience.

Shrikant, 34


6 Weeks se use kar rha hu mei. mereko tho kaafi jaada effective laga. Very good product. Mei aur meri wife bohot time se try kar rhe the and finally woh pregnant ho gayi. Superr experience.

Sughandh, 30


the entire process was judgement-free! I was impressed by the way I was serviced with regards to my fertility issues. I was skeptical to meet with an andrologist at first but kindly put my mind to ease.

Amit, 28


I had few doubts about my health, after taking sperm test, it gave me a clarity about my condition to start the treatment journey going forward.

Suresh, 37



got questions? get answers.

what is male infertility?


it is the state where a male partner fails to conceive his female partner, despite his partner having a healthy reproductive condition.

how male infertility occurs?


infertility in men can occur due to various reasons such as hormonal imbalance to lifestyle issues.

how does the test help to treat infertility?


treatment gets easier with root cause analysis. that is what the male infertility test intends to do by analysing the sperm count, sperm potency, testosterone levels and the health status of testicles etc.

I don't drink or smoke. but why am I facing the infertility problem.


male infertility can occur due to a variety of factors and may not always be related to lifestyle choices. hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders, infection or disease to the reproductive system environmental factors exposure to toxins, radiation, heat, etc., or age-related changes.

what is 'early infertility' in men?


early infertility in men refers to the inability to conceive a child at an early age, typically before 35 years old. it can be caused by various factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders, environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and more. consult kindly doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

what is the probability that I will be able to conceive my partner?


fairly high! kindly treatment plan focuses on increasing the number of healthy sperms without any defects and enhancing the quality of sperms by their ability to swim faster. the success in conceiving a child, also depends on the age and fertility of the female partner.


Kindly Health gives end-to-end solutions for sexual and reproductive health for men. We offer home-based diagnostic services for sperm analysis, erectile dysfunction, and much more.


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