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1 in 5 Indian women are sexually hypoactive. once the root cause is identified, our customers with proper treatment, saw improvements in as little as three months.

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it is important to address any physical or emotional factors of low libido that may be contributing to your low sex drive, such as stress, anxiety, or relationship problems
kindly health offers treatment by means of sex education and counseling by our sexologists and hormonal therapy medication to stimulate healthy sexual desire to improved lifestyle

indicators of low libido

lack of sexual desire
pleasure deficiency
vaginal dryness

what’s dragging your sex drive?

mental health problems

depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health conditions can affect sexual desire

disrupted hormonal levels

a decrease in hormone levels, such as estrogen, progesterone, can result in a decrease in sexual desire.

low self-esteem

feeling unattractive, unwanted, or unworthy can negatively impact sexual desire

chronic conditions

certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and neurological conditions, can affect sexual desire

medications or alcohol

can disrupt the production of sex hormones, leaving a negative impact on sexual desire
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diagnosing low libido has become more convenient with the availability of advanced, privacy-focused diagnostic testing that can be done in the comfort of one's own home



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we are dedicated to delivering top-notch medical care for your sexual health and overall well-being

Dr. S.S Vasan

prime Specialist for andrology | 40+ years

MBBS, DNB (Surgery), DNB (Urology), FICS

Dr. Poonguzhali Liston

Gynaecologist and Reproductive Medicine | 12+ years

OB/Gynecologist and Reproductive Medicine MS OB/GY...

Dr. Caranj Venugopal

Consultant Urologist | 14+ years

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch. (Urology)

Dr. Roshan

Consultant Physician | 2+ years


Dr. Rinkal Shah

Consultant Physician | 3+ years


Dr. Mayank Jain

Consultant Urologist | 20+ years

DrNB in Urology and kidney transplant, M.S. (Gener...

Dr. Pranay Gandhi

Consultant Sexologist | 15+ years

MD community medicine, MBBS, Fellowship in diabete...

in-person gratitudes by our happy customers

I was uncertain about taking the test, but my friend recommended it since I was having issues. the process was straightforward and non-intrusive, and I received my results promptly. the sample was collected from my home for complete privacy.

Shridevi, 27


pehale mein, main online treatment lene ke liye darti thi. lekin mere husband ne bohot tasalli se kindly ke bare me bataya. Meri aapeksha se jyaada mujhe result mila. ham dono khush hai.

Anuradha, 30


I believed that libido was more of a psychological issue and not something that could be measured through a test. however, after seeing an advertisement for kindly's low libido test, I decided to give it a try. the results were enlightening and prompted me to make lifestyle changes and start taking the right supplements.

Jyoti, 33


kindly has made it possible for men to take sexual health tests in the privacy of their own homes, which is convenient and eliminates any embarrassment.

Geeta, 42



got questions? get answers.

what is low libido/ low sex drive?


at adult, age being sexually active or having a healthy interest in sexual activity is very natural. lack of such feelings are termed as low libido or low sex drive.

can low libido be treated?


yes, with the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and support, low libido can be completely cured.

how does the test help to treat low libido?


if you notice any symptoms of low testosterone like performance issues, low desire, hot flashes, this test is the first step to identifying your problem and getting the necessary treatment.

is low estrogen the main reason for my low libido?


estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. in some cases, low estrogen levels can lead to decreased libido, but not every man experiences a loss of sex drive with this drop. to determine if low libido is a concern, kindly doctor may begin with a estrogen test to measure the levels. if the levels are low, there is a straightforward solution: supplementing the body with the testosterone it is not producing.

I loved sex. but now I am feeling not interested. why?


there can be physical, emotional, and psychological factors. some common causes include stress, anxiety, chronic illness, side effect of a medication, hormonal changes, relationship problems etc. it is important to consult with a kindly doctor, if you are experiencing a persistent loss of libido, as they can help in determine the underlying cause and develop a treatment plan.

when can I see improvements after taking supplements for low libido?


the timing of improvements in libido after taking supplements can vary from person to person and depend on the cause of low libido. in some cases, improvements may be seen within a couple of weeks, while in others it may take several weeks to see changes. though our supplements are powerful without any side effects, however, your body's bio cycle needs some time to adapt and utilize the given nutrition.


Kindly Health give is end-to-end solutions for sexual and reproductive health for both men and women. we offer home-based diagnostic services for sperm analysis, female fertility profile, menstrual health, erectile dysfunction, and much more.


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