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33% of men are suffering from pe could be due to psychological factors such as anxiety, underlying health conditions that make you reach the orgasm in 1-2 minutes.

what is the solution for PE?

PE can be treated through counseling, oral medication, or behavioral treatment like a delay spray to avoid early climax.
it is important to go for a PE test to analyze the root cause, as it may be a symptom of a more serious condition.

PE symptoms to be aware of

reaching orgasm as early as 1-2 minutes
not being able to delay the ejaculation
distressed and frustrated, and tend to avoid sexual intimacy

PE root causes

depression & stress

can affect mental & physical well-being, including the ability to manage sexual arousal

infection of the prostate or urethra

due to irritation and inflammation of the reproductive organs

irregular hormone levels

imbalances in hormones can cause pe by altering the body's response to sexual stimuli

inherited traits

PE can be developed due to genetic factors that influence the functioning of the ejaculatory system

history of sexual repression

can lead to anxiety and lack of communication during sexual encounters, which can ultimately result in PE
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Dr. S.S Vasan

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MBBS, DNB (Surgery), DNB (Urology), FICS

Dr. Poonguzhali Liston

Gynaecologist and Reproductive Medicine | 12+ years

OB/Gynecologist and Reproductive Medicine MS OB/GY...

Dr. Caranj Venugopal

Consultant Urologist | 14+ years

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch. (Urology)

Dr. Roshan

Consultant Physician | 2+ years


Dr. Rinkal Shah

Consultant Physician | 3+ years


Dr. Mayank Jain

Consultant Urologist | 20+ years

DrNB in Urology and kidney transplant, M.S. (Gener...

Dr. Pranay Gandhi

Consultant Sexologist | 15+ years

MD community medicine, MBBS, Fellowship in diabete...

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mujhe Dr. Caranj ne PE ka treatment diay. bohot hi asaani se ho gaya. report bhi mujhe 1 din mei mil gaya. aur test ke baad ek free consultation bhi mila jisme mera report dekhke mujhe dawai bhi dedi.

Suhas, 31


a friend of mine got his test done from kindly and found it effective and accurate. needless to say, these tests are so important for men as they ground you and let you know you have a problem too and work on it. thanks kindly

Nishanth, 27


easy available and at home test. this is a win-win scenario for me. with today's time a perfect blend of sexual health in 2023

Siddhant, 34


maine poora hope choda tha, ki mere age me koyi sex problem ka treatment nahi hoga. par mere dost ne instagram me dekh kar kindly ke bare me bataya. aur maine dawai lena shuru kar diya

Nizam, 47



got questions? get answers.

can PE be cured?


yes, premature ejaculation can be cured, but it depends on the cause. many men learn to control their ejaculation and find more sexual satisfaction using various remedies, including supplements, topical solutions, and exercise.

why did I get PE? I don't drink or smoke?


premature ejaculation can be due to prostate problems, nerve damage, hormonal imbalances or mental anxiety that leads to quick and uncontrolled ejaculation.

how do I know the condition of my PE


the status of your PE can be determined at your home via a simple test. testing helps to determine the specific cause, and supplements that can help to alleviate it.

what is the difference between PE and ED?


PE, or premature ejaculation, is defined as a situation where a man ejaculates sooner than desired (usually within 2 minutes of penetration), causing dissatisfaction for either the man or his partner. ED stands for the incapacity to achieve or keep an erection.

how medication helps to treat my PE


medications used to treat PE work by delaying ejaculation and preventing premature orgasms. different types of medications target the underlying causes of PE, such as increasing serotonin levels in the nervous system to improve control and delay ejaculation.

how the PE treatment by kindly is best in the industry?


at kindly, our team of physicians specialize in the field of sexual wellness and offers a range of solutions including modern medicine, psychosexual therapy, and more. our premature ejaculation (PE) treatment addresses both your overall health and the specific cause of your PE symptoms for effective treatment. 97% of our Indian customers have seen positive results by consistently following the PE treatment plan.


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