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1 in 5 men face the issue of low libido caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal imbalances or stress that makes you avoid sex or desire to have any sexual activity.

how to gear up the low sex drive?

issues may not be immediately noticeable, but these invisible causes might indicate more severe problems.
let our highly trained doctors identify the underlying medical issues to provide the necessary support and treatment for your optimal sexual function

indicators of dampening desires

having no desire for sex or sexual activity
being anxious or depressed about sex
sexual problems like erectile dysfunction

get your 'sex-sational' life back on track

hormonal imbalance

low concentration testosterone or high concentration of estrogen can kill your sex drive

relationship problem

feeling of not connecting with your partner may lead to lesser sexual arousal

physical activity

too little or too much physical activity, both can reduce the desire for sex

low self esteem

doubting self-worth or feeling oneself as not up-to the mark, can knock down your sex drive

alcohol or drug abuse

can disrupt the production of testosterone, leaving a negative impact on sexual desire
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Dr. S.S Vasan

prime Specialist for andrology | 40+ years

MBBS, DNB (Surgery), DNB (Urology), FICS

Dr. Poonguzhali Liston

Gynaecologist and Reproductive Medicine | 12+ years

OB/Gynecologist and Reproductive Medicine MS OB/GY...

Dr. Caranj Venugopal

Consultant Urologist | 14+ years

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M.Ch. (Urology)

Dr. Roshan

Consultant Physician | 2+ years


Dr. Rinkal Shah

Consultant Physician | 3+ years


Dr. Mayank Jain

Consultant Urologist | 20+ years

DrNB in Urology and kidney transplant, M.S. (Gener...

Dr. Pranay Gandhi

Consultant Sexologist | 15+ years

MD community medicine, MBBS, Fellowship in diabete...

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I was not at all sure about this test. my friend suggested to book it as I am facing this issue. the experience was easy and not weird at all. results were on time and the procedure was completely private and sample was collected from my residence

Shrikant, 32


mujhe bilkul nahi pata tha ki low lbido ke liye bhi koi test hote hai. maine kindly ka ad dekha instgram pe aur socha try kiys jsye. kaafi dino se samasya ho rahi thi aur iss test ke baad main apni treatment start kar chuka hua.

Sameer, 29


at first I was apprehensive about booking online slots for sperm analysis tests as I didn't want to trust websites. however, I found kindly to be very genuine and I even had my results delivered sooner than I expected.

Samarth, 35


I always though libido was more of a psychological thing and its not possible to measure it with a test. got to know about kindly's low lbido test through an ad and decided to check it out. it was eye opening for me.

Prabhu, 41



got questions? get answers.

what is low libido/ low sex drive?


at adult, age being sexually active or having a healthy interest in sexual activity is very natural. lack of such feelings are termed as low libido or low sex drive.

can low libido be treated?


yes, with the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and support, low libido can be completely cured.

how does the test help to treat low libido?


if you notice any symptoms of low testosterone like performance issues, low desire, hot flashes, this test is the first step to identifying your problem and getting the necessary treatment.

is low testosterone the main reason for my low libido?


testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. in some cases, low testosterone levels can lead to decreased libido, but not every man experiences a loss of sex drive with this drop. to determine if low libido is a concern, kindly doctor may begin with a testosterone test to measure the levels. If the levels are low, there is a straightforward solution: supplementing the body with the testosterone it is not producing.

I loved sex. but now I am feeling not interested. why?


there can be physical, emotional, and psychological factors. some common causes include stress, anxiety, chronic illness, side effect of a medication, hormonal changes, relationship problems etc. it is important to consult with a kindly doctor, if you are experiencing a persistent loss of libido, as they can help in determine the underlying cause and develop a treatment plan.

when can I see improvements after taking supplements for low libido?


the timing of improvements in libido after taking supplements can vary from person to person and depend on the cause of low libido. in some cases, improvements may be seen within a couple of weeks, while in others it may take several weeks to see changes. though our supplements are powerful without any side effects, however, your body's bio cycle needs some time to adapt and utilize the given nutrition.


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